“A filmmaker has almost the same freedom as a novelist has, when he buys himself some paper. “

- Stanley Kubrick

“My films are an extension of my poetry, using the white screen like the white page to be filled with images. “

- James Broughton

Being a multi dimensional Film Production, Documentary and Line Production Company we offer a wide range of services to choose from. These offerings can be customized to each client depending upon the specific requirements of the project.
Budgeting & Scheduling
We understand that Budgeting and Scheduling forms an integral part of planning your project. At 8th Wonders, we analyze the project, work out a cost effective budget and schedule for your term in India.
Location Scouting
A perfect location is not just esthetically essential for a film, documentary or TV commercial. It is essential
that the spot chosen for filming is distinctive, breathtaking and ...
It is no more a difficult process to import equipment into India. But it is even more convenient and cost effective to source it locally itself. 8th Wonders is well connected with numerous...
Set Design & Construction
From a tropical paradise to a natural disaster, our set design and construction team can design and create the perfect sets as per your requirements. Each project we undertake is...
Casting Directors at 8th Wonder Productions do not just act upon an enquiry. They are scouting for the right actors and models through the year…

We assist our clients in the Visa paper work and visa acquiring process for the crew. All foreign residents require a visa to entre India. The correct Visa type for the crew is Type ‘J’.

Legal Permits & Clearances
It is ensured that all the required government legalities, permits and clearances required for filming are acquired with ease.

Hotels & Accommodation
We ensure that you are offered the finest and most comfortable Hotels & Accommodations as per the requirement and budget for the crew.

From television commercials, films, documentaries to non fiction shows, soaps and corporate films, we have the competency to provide a one stop solution for all your production requirements and the allied services required for executing the project.
Some of our post production services include scouting and hiring the finest post production and special effects studios, editing for your projects and any further requirements.
At 8th wonder productions, Audio visual presentation are created and designed to aid you in business procurement and project you as professionals par excellence. Not only does it help to reach your target audience in the right manner but also penetrate the subconscious levels of awareness in the most creative fashion. Having said that we at 8th wonder productions make use of the most recent and in trend techniques and multimedia tools to build your proposals. Our in house team of writers and creative talent brainstorm on the briefs provided and zero in on the best communication that your company needs. from building standard formats , to shooting films to incorporation motion graphics we do it all.
8th wonder productions also handles corporate events that highlight the strength of the company and will create buzz around your products in the most innovative manner that will be remembered and recalled for a long time.
At 8th Wonder, we house a team of
proactive individuals
who are well experience in
the field of film making,
post production..

I am amongst the privileged few to have worked with...

Raageshwari. Singer, Actress, Ex-MTV VJ

" 8th Wonder Productions made our Mumbai...

Victoria Pitt, Australian Director (Surviving Mumbai)