“A filmmaker has almost the same freedom as a novelist has, when he buys himself some paper. “

- Stanley Kubrick

“My films are an extension of my poetry, using the white screen like the white page to be filled with images. “

- James Broughton

‘I’ve spent several years here, and I still think the movie heroes is the audience’  -Wilson Mizner
At 8th Wonder, we house a team of well experienced individuals in the field of film making, post production, technical research and professionals who have had the opportunity to travel across India and beyond. This has given us the experience required to deal with all your multi dimensional filming requirements. Besides an in-house team, we also associate with professionals as per the requirement of the project. These include Production Supervisors, Production Managers, Production Accountants, Locations Managers, Production Designers, , Art Directors, Directors, Cameramen Cinematographers, Still Photographers, Lights and Grips Professionals in the entertainment industry from all over the country.

Headed by the dynamic Digvijay Purohit, the company has propelled ahead with dedication and foresight. He has held the position in Line Production for numerous travel shows on Star TV, documentaries for National Geographic & numerous international television channels particularly in Australia, Italy, Britain and other destinations. Extensive travel through the global and Indian landscape gives him the edge and experience about travel through the subcontinent. He has also been associated with celebrated projects like Gurinder Chadha’s ‘Bride & Prejudice’ as well as handled 2nd Unit Production for Danny Boyle’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’

Digvijay’s overall experience includes successfully managing his role in the various posts he was assigned. This eccentric work experience includes: Line Production for Swedish reality show ‘Extreme Job Swap’, for Zodiac Entertainment and the ‘Paris Match’ Magazine, (France) photo shoot for photographer Eric Bouvet and journalist Flore Olive. Other distinguished projects of the company were Australian Documentary ‘Survival in Mumbai’, for Electric Pictures Pty. Ltd., directed by Victoria Pitt and camera by Jim Frater and a Documentary Film ‘The World Before Her’ directed by Nisha Pahuja.
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    I am amongst the privileged few to have worked with...

    Raageshwari. Singer, Actress, Ex-MTV VJ

    " 8th Wonder Productions made our Mumbai...

    Victoria Pitt, Australian Director (Surviving Mumbai)